Referring Doctors

Important information for referring Doctors.

Referring Process for GP/Specialists

There is currently an approximate 6 month waiting list for (non-urgent) appointments.

Please ENSURE ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION is listed and attached to all referrals.

Referrals received from GP/Specialists without relevant information and/or results will be returned to the referring GP/Specialist.

If the referral makes reference to hearing test, scan or blood tests, then these results MUST be included with the referral.

See lists below of IMPORTANT information NEEDED with all referrals:

Required Patient Details on Referrals

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email (If Possible)

Referrals must also include any OR all of the following that are relevant:

  • Scan/X-Ray Reports (Including Imaging company details)
  • MRI Reports (Including Imaging company details)
  • Pathology Results
  • Sleep Study Results
  • Audiology Results

Extra informatIon about the patient that is important:

  • Are they under the treatment of any Allied Health professionals?
  • Are they under the care or waiting to see any specialist for other health concerns?

Emergency/Urgent Appointments

Please ensure the URGENCY is stated within the referral, with all the necessary information required.

EMERGENCIES should always be sent directly to Wollongong Public Hospital Emergency Department.

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