Surgery Facilities

Our Practice is located in central Wollongong with state of the art waiting room, consultation rooms, audiological booth and procedure room.

Our Practice

Consultation rooms are fitted with adjustable dental chair to facilitate assessment and any treatment that may be required and ample seating room for support persons. Minor procedures such as ear toilet (cleaning of the ears) and nasendoscopy (camera passed through the nose) are easily performed during consultations due to the set up of the rooms and designed with the patient’s comfort in mind.

  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Advanced technology such as live video capture of assessment and procedures (to show parents and support persons).

  • Child Friendly

    Child Friendly

    Children find the consultation rooms non-threatening as equipment is well hidden.

  • Audiology

    Adult Audiology

    Adult audiology and paediatric audiology (above the age of 5 years) in rooms.

  • Videostroboscopy


    Videostroboscopy (provides a magnified, slow-motion view of your vocal cords in action) for voice assessment in conjunction with speech therapist.

  • Parking


    Plenty of on-street parking and the Council Carpark is next door. All parking requires payment and a ticket displayed on your dash. Please monitor your parking time limit as Council Rangers are vigilant.

  • Quality of Care

    Quality of Care

    Quality of care sterilising guidelines are followed. Sterilising is performed on site. Nasendoscopy equipment is cleaned and sanitised after every use. Our clinic is regularly cleaned in correlation to NSW Health guidelines.

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